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Single Asian Female by Michelle Law Her peers only see her as a stereotype and she has had enough. Pinterest At a crossroads: Hsiao-Liang Tang as Pearl. Photograph: Dylan Evans But such tokenism doesnt just disappear after graduating from high school it follows people into their adult lives as well, and Laws script deftly and humorously examines the different ways in which objectification manifests for Asian-Australian women. We are taken through a slew of Zoes cringeworthy dates, and there is a subversive kind of joy in watching the Anglo actors, Vascotto and Burton, play these characters a way of literally talking back to the racialised misogyny faced by many, if not all, women of colour who are actively dating, and turning the notion that all Asians look the same on its head. The final date, with Paul (Patrick Jhanur home loan for doctor Oak Laurel the only male member of the cast), an immigration lawyer, is no less awkward, but the joy of Laws characters is that they are approachable partly because they are all unapologetically flawed but still willing to learn. Law interrogates the basis of many Chinese (and broader Asian) stereotypes, but does not cheapen them by constantly using them as the butt of jokes. Yes, Pearl runs a Chinese restaurant, and both Zoe and Mei play the violin, but Laws writing forces the audience to view them as three-dimensional characters as more than just representations of ingrained racial stereotypes. Racial slurs and prejudices are sprinkled throughout the play but not treated lightly. Every gook, chink, or where are you really from? has its place and purpose. There is also an acknowledgement that everyone has their prejudices and that Asians, too, can be racist. The play is packed with social commentary but manages to avoid feeling contrived.